Saturday, September 23, 2006

cappuccini & rustic apple tarts

dilemmas here at bccy always kinda go like this: so i have to finish my delicious batdorf dancing goat cappuccini, run this afternoon to chic central to have my hair done and then i have to find the time to bake a rustic apple tart, well, because the csa has dumped all these local, organic, upstate new york apples on me.

i know: life's hard here sometimes. oh, also, being a new yorker of the downtown persuasion, i have to manage to get off at union sq., near where chic central's located without actually crossing 14th st.

because crossing 14th st. would constitute going uptown. and we downtowners never go uptown unless forced by acts of god or a really fabulous sale.

i used to have to cross into union sq. itself to get to the greenmarket, but luckily the csa here in bklyn has spared me the inconvenience and the moral horror that comes from violating the bright boundaries of these ridiculous noo yawk identities.

so where was i? standing on the corner (the south corner!) of 14th and b'way, aiming my little green flats back down towards the village -- when what did i see? an espresso cart!

not a quilted metal corner coffee cart selling the dread witch-liquor that most denizens of gotham buy every morning, but a real espresso cart. naturally, i drew near. . .and nearer. . .and offered the pusher 2 bucks for an espresso.

only to discover that it was only a prop being pushed along the sidewalk to a closed alleyway where some hollywood production was filming! sigh.

many hours later, i had finished with the hair thing while doing eustace tilley's current number proud. this left me scurrying back to bake, bake, bake.

but as i waited for the big yellow rarely, i couldn't help remembering that espresso cart. why exactly are there so few of these in nyc?

is it a permit issue? or what? obviously not all cities are ripe for espresso carts (london, for example -- too much rain), but i don't think our fave big apple's in this situation.

gotta track oren down and ask him why he doesn't have 100 of these all over town during pleasant weather!

as for the giant (17" x 24") tart, it's in the oven now. if you don't like elizabeth david's recipe, i highly recommend jacques pepin's.

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