Tuesday, September 05, 2006

coffee consumption to grow

"the international coffee organization forecasts a 2 percent rise in global coffee consumption. . ."

2 percent growth next year may seem modest. but this continued growth -- as opposed to the slow erosion we've endured for decades -- will be the true end of the so-called coffee crisis, more than the temporary market up-turns we're seeing now.

so it's possible that we are beginning to see a way towards the goal of eliminating coffee poverty, while offering consumers a higher-quality beverage.

while on the subway recently i once again bumped into an elegant acquaintance who happens to be a long-time editor at chocolatier. we happily gossiped about the very small chocolate world all the way into mall-hattan.

that was a fascinatin' conversation. and yes clay, we talked about you! chocolatier remains a big fan, no doubt!

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