Tuesday, September 26, 2006

completely ot: chanel + smashbox

stop the presses: i've decided that the best fall foundation solution for those of us over 30 has to be chanel's double perfection creme powder foundation over smashbox's photo finish clear foundation primer.

and yes i like the smashbox better than chanel's own primer.

this combination gave me 12 hours of perfect wear(!) on an autumn day when the temperature was 75 degrees. altho' the humidity was only moderate, i will confess.

but no skirt in her right mind's wearing serious foundation on an ultra-humid day. i'm wearing the chanel in "cendre" or "shell." put on about a dime-size portion of the smashbox over your regular moisturizer and let it sit for just about 20 seconds.

then place a couple of dots of the chanel on your hand and go for it. i used it straight with my fingers under the eyes instead of a concealer, with a brush for around the nose, and with a sponge to blend at the jaw.

altho' this foundation does dry to a slight powdery finish, it's not matte -- it has a satin finish that never turns oily and doesn't call out for blotting.

highly, highly recommended. if you want a matching powder to touch-up (not that i needed it) check out the compact version of this makeup, which i'm using in vanilla.

also worth the splurge: the chanel sheer brilliance in sunkissed.

now if only someone would make that perfect fall red in a long-last formula that survives a proper espresso. the delicious coffee oils in a great crema just take off all the supposed "all-day" lipstick formulae i've tried. . .

since you do, alas, need to reapply your lipstick after coffee, let me remind you that that lipstick is just an accessory to your macbook pro. so you can skip carrying a purse mirror and just use this tiger widget instead!

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