Saturday, September 09, 2006

completely ot: first few days with macbook pro

the 17" macbook pro is indeed the most beautiful computer ever, each detail is absolutely gorgeous. i'm blogging through the osx tiger dashboard widget.

omigod i love this machine.

my husband mockingly called it "your ferrari" as in, mid-life crisis gadget. of course i'm nowhere near mid-life, dear readers, and his comment is pure jealousy, even tho' he has a maxed-out screamin' g4 graphite desktop with the huge flat screen to call his own.

frankly everyone who sees it is consumed with object-lust. i thought the ipod nano was the most lovely thing i'd seen -- that gemstone gleam the surface emits -- oh i wasn't ready for the ineffable suchness of the macbook pro.

i will talk about tracy's zoka espresso paladino more in a little bit. despite being a little advanced in age this morning, the crema was delightful, the taste complex, and did i detect just a hint of blueberry?

hmm? did i?

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