Sunday, September 10, 2006

dough frenzy

another day of doing yoga at home -- i love on days like this mixing up my own vinyasa with shiva rea's oldie-but-goodie yoga sanctuary. it's so convenient when i'm making pizza dough to do yoga in my own living room; i can pause the cd to pop the dough in the fridge for an hour if it's rising too quickly.

there'll be another post later on today, as i must absolutely must describe tracy allen's zoka espresso paladino and its decaf version before it ages another day. already some would say it's too old for a good shot. . .

and then i have to complain some more to technorati, which just never seems to index this site correctly. it's getting to be a serious drag. . .you ping, check it out, and discover that you're not indexed for 3 days.

on the fourth day, everything suddenly shows up at once. 3 slaps to technorati!

i never have this problem with itunes.

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