Wednesday, September 20, 2006

fall accessories update

here at bccy we're not indifferent to the changing seasons. we've bought ourselves a couple of printed designer wrap dresses, but draw the line at those stupid scrunchy boots that pinch your toes and are bad for your yoga.

however there are 4 every-day musts for fall we believe every right-bendin' yogini's gotta have:

  1. a red lipstick that matches your complexion
  2. a triple cappuccino of mark inman's new taylormaid espresso 0, which puts our chocolate and coffee jones perfectly together
  3. handy purse reading by desikachar
  4. the perfect laptop desk for your macbook pro 17"

utter fall fashion perfection would be if mark inman released a 6-8 oz. logo cappa cup in the classic italian style to better showcase that lip-licking brew. . .but then you'd have to re-apply your lipstick, wouldn't you?

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