Sunday, September 17, 2006

funny co-incidences?

i was pretty surprised to be running thru the papers i normally read online and see that paul mccartney's hanging with new yoga bud alec baldwin -- how soon will they be in a partners yoga class in the hamptons with jennifer aniston? everytime i begin to hope the yoga fad is starting to fade, i see that actually it's only getting longer, stronger and more flexible legs!

oh well. i'll be practicing at home later this afternoon once i have the pizza dough and another apple-plum crumble squared away.

the problem with the csa is that at the start of the season you don't get very much, and most of what you get's a little odd.

now later on in the season, i'm overwhelmed with piles of organic local veggies, 7 pounds of local fruit -- and even after the ratatouilles, pizza sauces, and crumbles, i still have to figure out what to do with a head of lettuce, a pound of carrots, and a pound of breakfast radishes. . .

the crumble takes care of the apples and plums, but not the pears! in fact i spent the morning drinking my usual batdorf dancing goat cappuccini perusing an old volume of jacques pepin's wondering what to do with all these baby pears.

eat them with cheese for lunch -- it's my only hope. or do i really have to face the specter of canning?

i just don't have space in my bklyn apartment for piles of home canned stuff! (to which some will say, "yeah yeah, if you didn't have 2 espresso machines, 3 grinders, 6 other coffee pots, 4 rolling pins, 5 kinds of flour in 10 pound bags, and a case of chocolate. . .")

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