Monday, September 25, 2006

maybe i'm wrong

"as coffee culture gets bigger in india, a traditional tea drinking nation, domestic and international chains are lining up big expansion plans . . . in the next 3-5 years.

major players like barista, costa coffee, cafe coffee day and barnie's are already working overtime to expand their presence in the country and implement product portfolio overhauls. on the other hand, global player starbucks corporation is all set to make its india debut in 2007."

long-time readers know that as a person devoted to a pro-consumption solution to the coffee crisis, i've been saying we coffee lovers probably shouldn't expect to see india become a formerly-tea-drinking nation -- like japan and the u.k. -- for another 20 years. but maybe i'm wrong.

considering the rapid rate of expansion and investment by coffee companies, both commercial and specialty, howard seems to know something i don't yet. well, you all know what i say: one world under specialty coffee's passionate sway!

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