Monday, September 11, 2006

no good times today

personally, i thought the best thing to do today would be just to have a day of silence here at bccy. and that was my intent until i went out this morning, whereupon i was seized by some crazy kid in an "investigate 9-11" t-shirt.

he and his lunatic cohort -- they appear to be all over the place today handing out their insane cd of lies. these are the people who deny the reality of 9-11, that the planes flew into the buildings.

as a 9-11 survivor, as an eyewitness live in real time who saw the poor souls from the roof, who stood on the corner of broadway & cortlandt st. that morning, i felt so physically sick to my stomach when this guy started talking to me. i thought i was going to beat the crap outta him and then vomit all over his prostate form.

a crazy rage just overwhelmed me and i started pulling my own hair; my face got all red and i started to weep in the street.

these "9-11 deniers" don't rate high on my list, as you can see. this guy was maybe 22 years old, and he wasn't from new york.

he wasn't here that day. apparently, the polls show that a shocking 36% of people now believe these terrible untruths.

somehow i managed to just walk away without tearing him to bits. and the one-third of my fellow americans who seem to have been tricked by these liars, by these false docu-dramas -- don't believe them.

i was there. read this blog. never forget. pray.

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