Tuesday, September 26, 2006

poached pears + pesto

busy busy day.

so after the great csa corn dust-up -- the organic corn being delicious to more than us csa members, as all the ears proved to be providing pleasant homes for many earworms, gross. . which caused some of us who believe you can have organic produce and quality food as well to mention that fact. . .

which caused the rest of the csa membership to tell us to shut the eff up and drink the kool-aid. . .

which caused me to remember why seemingly charming, forward-thinking, liberal groups like this never last long, why i have to stop joining them, and why truly wide-scale organic food production is probably not feasible, since so many of its proponents refuse to treat it like a serious business or hold it to any quality standards other than political perfection. . .(i see this in coffee too!)

anyway. i dared show my face at the csa today and found myself faced with piles of seckel pears and basil. no problem.

pesto's a no-work, no-brainer; just whizz everything up in the everlasting cuisinart. the seckel pears, likewise -- 2 cups of wine and a handful of spices all find their way into the kuhn-rikon pressure cooker and 8 minutes later, my autumn mainstay.

i had to get all this done this evening because tomorrow night's the scaa coffee meetup, where josh from urnex will be coming to long-time bccy pal mary p's juan valdez to chat about proper care of home coffee equipment. r.s.v.p. if you're interested. . .

back to anyway. after the pears were done, i found i didn't like the sauce as much as usual. it needed some tweaking.

usually you can just pop all the ingredients together and the instrinsic goodness will result in a wonderful syrupy cinnamon-n-spice sauce with (my favorite words) zero effort. but these seckels weren't quite working out.

and that's when the sugar-free routin 1883 vanilla syrup came in handy. a shot of that into the pan and heaven returned. . .

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