Monday, September 18, 2006

surprise: mark inman's taylormaid & peter g's counterculture in the house

oh thanks to peter g.:

  • the counterculture honduras el puenta, aka "the purple princess," from farmer marysabel caballero, a shade-grown coffee with striking raspberry tones, roast-dated sept. 13

and so exciting! from mark inman:

  • the taylormaid brand-new ultra-chocolate organic espresso 0, roast-dated sept. 12
  • and his decaf organic espresso d, with a roast date i can't quite figure out, but i think is sept. 13

many many thanks you two!

mark says this new espresso will hit his taylormaid website this week, so keep looking for that link. i'm definitely brewing this one up tomorrow -- and i might pull the decaf after dinner this evening.

my husband is always looking for a wonderful decaf for cappuccino, since he's one of those who's quite sensitive to caffeine; could this be the one?

the purple princess, with its berry note, is going to be right up my alley in all likelihood. . .this is going to be one for the vac pot. note that marysabel caballero's other coffees have done quite well in the cup of excellence, so we know we're looking at a quality bean.

i began this morning with another "super-oren" of don schoenholt's gillies yemen, which i love for its winey, floral, all-spicy, and milk chocolate package. at this brewing proportion it has a lush body as well.

it's gonna be a week of mega-yummy coffees here at bccy!

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