Tuesday, September 12, 2006

tracy allen's zoka tangletown

considering alas how long it took me to get to this zoka signature coffee, i fear time has diminished its bouquet somewhat. but i have been drinking it the past 2 or 3 days now.

again, i want to note that i'll be arranging the bouquet descriptors a little differently than zoka does. however, if you wanted me to give you a fast overall picture of this coffee, i'd say right away it's a clear, sunny spring morning. . .if that means as much to you as it does to me.

the tangletown is the lightest roast of all the coffees tracy allen sent me. zoka calls it a flat full city, but my sample shows zero oil or bean divots, so short of an agtron number, i'm calling it a full city-.

after brewing it a couple of ways, i believe this displays itself best in the chemex -- that makes the most of its clean, clear, snappy character. brewed this way, it's just, well, bright and limpid.

that's why it feels like spring sunshine, you see? got that scaa flavor wheel about?

let's start with the taste: nippy, snappy, zesty, lively-bright. the fragrance of this full coffee is sweetly floral, with caramel candy aromas on into the nose and a great classic bakers chocolate aftertaste.

in the chemex at the "oren proportion" of 2 oz. ground coffee to 26 oz. water, the body wound out of the pot as slinky and supple as a reticulated python.

it's just a great breakfast coffee for those who love bright centrals. i particularly enjoyed it with a tablespoon of light cream and a pinch 'o raw sugar, both of which really emphasized its brach's caramel thing. . .

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