Friday, October 13, 2006

andrew b's ecco organic idido misty valley yrg

oh yeah i positively shot outta bed this morning to brew up andrew b's ecco coffee from yesterday, the idido misty valley yrg. this coffee's now 4 days old.

got your scaa flavor wheels handy?

since these beans display not even the tiniest speck of oil, i'm calling full city. i brewed it in the cafetiére at my usual 55g of fresh ground coffee to 1 liter of water.

in the bag, the whole beans smell delicious, as i noted yesterday. freshly ground, the berry flavors change a bit -- think more red berries, something with the kick of raspberry but the sweetness of bing cherry -- and all mixed with a sweet floral scent.

andrew himself, never at a loss for cupping exactitude identified this edge of the "mixed berry basket" as olallieberry; i would have said boysenberry, myself, but sweet!

and it shows up in the cup! the coffee's definitely cookie-toasty, honeyed, vanilla, and with a caramel-syrupy aftertaste.

in short, it's waaay yummy, probably due partially to what andrew describes as the super-careful pick during its prep. it may differ from andrew's normal style of coffee in that it has only a light chocolate feeling, it's not his usual dutch dark cocoa thing.

the misty valley's got a fantastic wine-y taste, and a medium-heavy body in the press pot. i can easily see why everyone has raved about this coffee.

i'm raving about this coffee! it's unusual berry flavor makes it a must for those of us who love love love berried coffees!

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