Friday, October 13, 2006

carlo rex & congrats to nancy la nasa

perusing my web stats, i suddenly came across a bunch of people looking for one of my oldest italian cooking heroes, the famed bay area giant, carlo middione. i've written about him here before.

i guess people are just now discovering his blog, which is fantastic. i love that carlo writes passionately, refuses to suffer fools, and never pulls his matterello.

in fact, he's more likely to chase you with it if you cheat on your devotion to the real spirit of italian cuisine. . .

for example, i love his post on his rare italian star-fish bread. i have a lot of books on italian baking, and i have to say, i don't recall ever having seen a recipe for this.

it's just the kind of thing that shows why carlo remains a towering colossus in food. much more so than many of the more recent (cough cough) clog-footed "celebrity" chefs. . .

in updated yoga news, the most awesome yogini nancy la nasa of cnn and abhaya yoga fame has just been voted best yoga teacher in her florida area! you rock, nancy!

and i love the mother's quotation on her website:

"when the body feels its miseries, its limitations, one must establish this dream in it -- of a strength which would have no limit, a beauty which would have no ugliness, and of marvellous capacities: one dreams of being able to rise into the air, of being wherever it is necessary to be, of setting things right when they go wrong, of healing the sick; indeed, one has all sorts of dreams when one is very young. . .this is what you should love and draw towards you. . ."

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