Monday, October 16, 2006

day of 3 chocolates

3 chocolates this being a beautiful fall day, dear readers, i did the intelligent thing and took the day off to go have lunch with my husband on the water at fun and funky red hook. sitting there at the fairway veranda i enjoyed lamb shanks provencal, some roasted organic beets, and watched the happy red tugboats rush about the harbor. (as i was buying some coffee, the guy there told me i had missed don schoenholt of gillies by about 2 minutes!)

but of course when in fairway, what one mostly does is buy chocolate (ok, and cheese. i bought about US$50 of raw, artisanal cheese. . .) the 3 hard-to-find bars are casa don puglisi's hand-made 45% chocolate modicana with vanilla; zotter's 70% dark organic and fair-trade chocolate bar with pineapple and paprika; and finally, the big score, famed pastry chef/chocolatier oriol balaguer's 70% dark chocolate bar.

let's just say i spent more money on chocolate than cheese today! since i had finished the last of my household staple, jessica's batdorf dancing goat, i also picked up just enough beans to get me through to tomorrow.

because of course i'm cupping tomorrow in the late morning with oren -- and pick up some fine coffee there!

anyway, i will definitely be eating one of these bars tomorrow -- so stay tuned! the buzz is big big big on the balaguer bar, for sure!

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