Monday, October 09, 2006

just beautiful, redux

this morning i returned to jessica's batdorf colombian c.o.e., the el lechal. it's 6 days old, but still tastes great in the cafetiére, which highlights its body and its wood-spicy qualities.

just a great morning coffee, a beautiful wake-up call to a lovely autumn day. what makes me really happy is that i've taken a couple of days off next week, days on which oren's going to be kind enough to cup with me!

oren's a fastidious clean cupper, so it'll be fantastic to learn more from him. i can't wait.

on the chocolate front, the hachez 1.3 oz mini-bars called "longs" have finally arrived at my house: i ordered them in both the plain 77% dark arriba and the orange 77%. unfortunately i couldn't get my hands on any in my beloved 88% in this form; i just don't think it's available in this line yet.

i've tucked a couple in my macbookpro's timbuktu 2 laptop bag for those special typing occasions that require extra chocolate for thought! highly recommended!

and i also corresponded with the wine guy from yesterday. here i was all psyched that finally a wine snob was going to be open to coffee; we coffee people know all about wine, but the wine people don't see it as a 2-way street, sadly.

only to find that alas this guy had no idea what cupping was and was completely unaware that coffee had any formal sensory evaluation process or taxonomy. bummer! and boy was he defensive about it, too.

i dunno why; no one is born knowing about coffee in their genes (don schoenholt excepted). i mean the first time ted lingle said to me, you can learn to really appreciate coffee, you can learn to discuss it in this eloquent and beautiful form, i thought was going die of joy.

but that's just me. . .and obviously you, dear readers, or else you wouldn't be here with me everyday!

so how did the propose to write about coffee then if he knew nothing about it? backward reels the spoon. . . what a letdown.

but maybe he'll find the courage to educate himself and become a specialty coffee lover yet! cross our latte art and hope to the steam wand!

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