Tuesday, October 17, 2006

le deluge

just in case you wonder what a flooding rain in noo yawk is like, check out today. certainly if fao schwartz sold mini-arks the way they do tiny benzes, it'd be easy to test it out this afternoon.

and thru this downstate niagara i trudged to get my veggies from the csa. which, btw, sucks, to quote salman rushdie.

my advice is to join any csa except the one in cobble hill. don't make me tell you why; just steer clear, ok?

a result of various factors, i find myself completely outta espresso for tomorrow, which is a terrifying thought. i had expected to pick some up today fresh from oren, but no dice there; no luck getting ahold of any gillies either -- i could have desperately gone to john at 2 for the pot to get some desperation illy, but that would have required me to figure out if i could ensure he'd be open by the time i got there, since he's famous for just closing up shop and going home whenever he feels like it, even if he's only been there 30 minutes in the day.

yes, i live in a town where i can guarantee you can on a whim at any moment buy yourself a child-size but fully functioning jaguar, but it can be impossible to buy fresh high-quality espresso beans. . .clearly i'd better get myself into a yoga class pronto before i turn into a super-groucho for the rest of the day!

(and to all you nice folks at edible, thanks for the sidelink! you rule!)

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