Saturday, October 07, 2006

love your bones!

"now researchers at tufts university have discovered a possible and surprising connection between cola and osteoporosis. doctor katherine tucker found that older women who drink a lot of cola also have lower bone mineral density in their hips. it's not a direct link to osteoporosis but low bone density is a definite risk factor.

'it suggests that women who are worried about osteoporosis should probably not drink cola daily.' cola contains phosphoric acid. researchers believe a combination of that ingredient, plus a diet low in calcium may be a recipe for poor bone health."

there you have it, yoginis! this is the second study that appears to link all kinds of colas with bone loss.

lemme encourage you to consider a nice 6-oz. italian-style cappuccino instead? feel free to break the italian rule: have one with skim milk in the morning and another, maybe half-caf, after lunch.

that will help get you off the cola/soda habit so many women i know have -- they constantly sip diet soda all day long in an effort to feel full because they are on some kind of wacky crash diet or another that never works for long. just enjoy a couple of relaxing cappuccini instead, knowing you are working to also get your beneficial calcium.

coffee breaks during the day, even 10 min. ones, can be a great way to re-charge your thought processes and reward yourself a little in the middle of a crazy career afternoon.

and if you can, i might even be bold enough to suggest that you consider a third decaf or half-caf cappuccino around 4pm or after dinner. this really moves you towards the recommended daily calcium requirement with ease and pleasure.

devoted readers know that i highly recommend mark inman's taylormaid decaf espresso for cappuccini. it tastes really good, removing the "decaf taste" issue from the table here. . .

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