Wednesday, October 04, 2006

more chemexi

so this morning i woke up to a nice bit of don schoenholt's gillies sumatra mandheling double-pick. i decided to check this out in the chemex, brewed at 2 oz. fresh ground coffee to 26 oz. water.

when i opened the bag i nearly fell right over -- it's dark, darker than most gillies' coffees. it's a shade shy of actually touching french, i'd say, what don calls "dark iv."

so for you dark roast fans who love the peets-style dark sumatras, you can save some money on shipping and get fresher coffee from gillies with these beans!

this wood-spicy coffee retains a little earth-y character, but as long-time readers know, i think a touch of earth is acceptable in a sumatra like this. i emphasize the word touch here.

remember when dealing with gillies you have to grind a little finer than you might be used to, due to the unique roasting method don uses. this is just one of the idiosyncracies of his java, a signature touch you might say!

i liked this coffee even tho' i'm not a big fan of dark roasts usually. recommended for you dark roast fans who seek an east coast source of this sumatra style. . . i think it'll probably be best in the cafetiére.

this doesn't appear to be listed on his website yet, so call olive toll-free to order; remember he's open wholesale hours! be nice to olive when you talk to her, 'cuz she's a super-sweetie!

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