Sunday, October 15, 2006

prayers for kona

naturally today all our thoughts and prayers go out to our coffee friends in kona: suzanne shriner; john langenstein; cea smith; and of course also everyone at kona star.

thank goodness it appears that no one has been killed.

i also wanted to share with all you hardy home bakers some of carlo's description of yesterday's pane ferrarese. . .

"The bread is easy to assemble and knead. It is very tasty, very dense, and it crumbles like a semi-soft cracker rather than resembling what we call 'bread.' People love it. The shaping is a royal pain in the butt unless you have done, as I have, several hundred or thousand of them.

I have served my breads to Bolognese and Ferrarese friends and the remarks are either 'This is better than what we can get' or 'This is not as good as what we can get' -- go figure!"

that's pretty funny! but of course the bolognese are notoriously picky about food. . .

i am determined to go on another shopping expedition for some truly excellent regional olive oil and attempt this bread. i won't expect perfection or even anything that looks less than a total rag the first, oh, 100 times!

but even if the shape isn't such a perfect starfish, it'll still taste great, right?

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