Thursday, October 26, 2006

regional coffee culture, more multi-part many

"coffee culture is thriving in hong kong with close to one third of residents now purchasing ready-to-drink coffee outside of the home, according to a new survey."

"cappuccino is the most popular coffee bought by hong kong consumers. . ."

hong kong's moving towards specialty coffee. at this rate hong kong could in just a few years join formerly-tea drinking nations such as japan and the u.k.

i guess we should start saying now "all the coffee in hong kong." many people still don't believe me when i tell that that developing asia is overall moving to a coffee culture quickly.

soon it appears that a tea-drinking majority may be a mark of a nation's underdeveloped status. it is certainly interesting that as a country prospers -- perhaps "modernizes" is a better word? -- it appears that coffee consumption increases.

actually, i'd like to see a comparison of internet adoption/wireless connection rates and coffee consumption. what's the correlation there? or is it a mere co-incidence?

in other news, we coffee lovers now have our confirming study: coffee consumption appears to combat the development of diabetes.

since this expensive and difficult disease is widely said to be the next big global epidemic, it's good news. since the article above seems not to explain why coffee works, let me fill in the gap for them.

the current theory i hear most bruited about attributes coffee's many beneficial effects to its multitude of anti-oxidants, such as chlorogenic acid. let's see if future research bears this out. . .

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