Sunday, October 01, 2006

regional coffee culture, part multi-many: take my toffee sprinkles, please

"there's one really bad aspect about switzerland that needs to be amply publicized: the coffee malaise. . .

in the u.s.a., i can get a lungo, a ristretto, a macchiato, a latte, an espresso, a toffee nut latte (with toffee sprinkles), a vanilla latte, a caramel macchiato (foamed milk marked with espresso), a mocha valencia, a white chocolate mocha, and so many other varieties the complete list would fill an entire page. . ."

yes, eric, i mean it -- take all the toffee sprinkles you can. get them outta my sight.

you see eric, what you experience when you walk into a non-third-wave coffee retailer in the u.s.a. is what we here call false choice. you are presented with many seeming options, but since they're all bad, it's not a real excercise of free will on your part.

this is why american consumerism is a largely a rip-off, and also why americans are so grossly obese. it's false food, false choice, and we feel unsatisfied, altho' many americans still don't quite understand why.

but being unsatified, they think more will assuage them: more whipped cream, more sprinkles, more caramel syrup. the next thing we know, we're looking at the mermaid's disgusting venti breve caramel macchiato, all 770 calories of it.

in this light eric, i would dedicate my coffee rants to getting swiss cafes to improve their cafe cremas and cafe suisses, to serving high-quality, well-prepared beverages and offering quality beans.

'cuz the sprinkle road leads to coffee hell and is certainly paved with bad intentions.

anyway, on the yoga front: i'm really enjoying my new habit of doing weekend yoga at home. it is so much more relaxing. . .if you don't have a steady home practice yet, dear readers, let me encourage you to consider one!

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