Monday, October 02, 2006

regional coffee culture, part multi-many redux

"a survey by a major research firm says drinking cappuccino is threatening to become more popular than beer in ireland.

the survey, called 'sober ireland?,' found that people in ireland drank an average of three gallons less alcohol last year than they did in 2000, the london telegraph reported."

yet another country's leaving the tea column -- will the "irish breakfast" blend soon be a gonner? that cappuccino's about to overcome beer doesn't surprise me either.

ireland has, um, shall we say? a largely difficult and chill climate, one in which a nice coffee would be more than welcome in the drizzle?

the decline of tea in ireland is proving to be (giggle) steep:

"in ireland tea faced an overall decline of 9%. . .in contrast, coffee achieved dramatic overall volume growth of 27%. . . .within coffee, the most notable change in preference seen in 2005 was a continuation of consumers favouring fresh coffee over instant coffee."

so right now, the irish still are among the largest dead-leaf rakers in the world -- but with rates like this, it's just a few years before they join the japanese and british in the love of coffee. that they are rejecting instant is also a most excellent sign!

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