Friday, October 27, 2006

the vibiemme arrives!

cat explores the vibiemmeand i return home from yoga tonite to discover: the vibiemme machine from super bccy pal jim p. at 1st-line has arrived, just as he promised.

whoa -- it's a huge 70lb. box! what room in the hallway?

still everyone's very excited; the cat can't stop investigating. who could blame him? cats love boxes, don't they? can you imagine how many peanuts must be in this monster?

but seriously, since i am graced with the presence of what is widely reputed to be the world's largest tomcat -- my friends often ask me how "the lion" is -- i hope this helps show the size of the box.

tomorrow we'll unpack this giant box with lots of photos you dear readers can see for yourselves how sturdily packaged this gleaming baby is said to be. and you'll get at least one photo of the kitchen re-arranging process.

i'm moving my microwave and putting my steamy latin guy carlos expobar in the closet for the time being. this new, improved vibiemme is 21" deep, a full 5" deeper than carlos.

so tune into tomorrow afternoon. it's supposed to rain all day, which is perfect for setting up a new espresso machine!

thanks again to jim of 1st-line! what an adventure demo-ing this will be!

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