Friday, November 03, 2006

and the white horses appear on the horizon

it?s certainly been a shame to welcome caesar vibiemme into my kitchen with nothing to greet him but "desperation illy." luckily, the light horse came charging to my rescue today!

david schoenholt, son of don, actually appeared this evening at my local yoga studio bearing a pound of 3-day-old deluxe dark 2, the classic gillies espresso! thank you don and david.

the ever-awesome jessica marshall of batdorf also sent re-inforcements, all roast-dated the 31st:

  • the household-staple dancing goats
  • the brand-new holiday blend
  • the latest in the wonderful latitudes line, an el salvador c.o.e. winner, the santa julia

hooray! saved by the specialty coffee family! thank you all.

a very interesting thing about caesar -- devoted readers may recall that when i took his default temperature, it turned out the nice people at the vibiemme factory had set him to 200 degrees. and guess what the suggested brewing temperature for the dancing goat is?

yuppers, dear readers, 200 +/- 1. caesar is the dancing goats machine par excellence!

i can?t wait to start dialing in the grind tomorrow morning first thing. and i intend to try to pull the holiday blend as espresso too!

most of all, i?ll be really interested in seeing how one of my oldest favorites, the ever-friendly deluxe dark pulls on the caesar. remember, don's coffee is very picky: it wants a very fine grind, even by espresso standards.

how caesar handles that. . .hmm.

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