Tuesday, November 07, 2006

peter g's counterculture holiday blend

peter g. of counterculture kindly saw that i was once again running low on beans and so sent me his new holiday blend, roast-dated the 2nd. an interesting thing about this coffee is that part of the proceeds go to buy cows for people in rwanda.

since peter describes the dried-cherry and chocolate flavors in the blend as a "black forest cake," i thought to myself that black forest cakes really need cream, a lot of cream.

this is why i decided to pull it this morning as an espresso on the vibiemme domobar super electronic, a.k.a. caesar. with some nice microfoam for a "creamy" mouthfeel, i think i took the black forest concept a step forward.

peter's coffee may be a tad too bright to my mind to make a great espresso on its own -- but as a cappuccino, it seemed mighty fine this morning! it didn't even need to be dialed in, the first shot pulled within acceptable parameters.

more on this later. . .

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