Wednesday, November 22, 2006

skip the weather, how about programming brew temperature?

"a new coffee maker hitting stores for the holidays can display real-time weather data, using a 'smart objects' technology that microsoft has been touting for years."

arrgggh. why include useless weather data in the coffee machine instead of useful brew temperature?

it's no secret to long-time readers and coffee lovers that most home auto-drip brewers deliver water that's too cold for proper brewing.

due to the stupidities of american law, in which idiots are allowed to sue no matter what obviously foolish stuff they do -- but judge, i didn't know i couldn't use the lawn mower on grandma's chin hair, there's no warning label! -- most home product makers set their brewers to offer water at about 160 degrees f.

when the best brewing temperatures are more like 195-205, as all scaa consumer members know. but lawd knows, someone might put their hand deliberately into the stream of hot water. . .because. . .i dunno, they're too dumb to live?

a better use for a 'smart brewer' would be an internal temperature control, not an external temperature indicator! none of the web sites selling this product (for example, here) that i could find bothered to mention the all-important brewing temperature, altho' they touted the fact that you could get the weather in 3 languages!

readers, when buying home coffee equipment, don't be fooled by useless junk like this. stick to the basics.

ask questions about brewing standards. buy an auto-drip brewer only if it delivers water in the correct temperature range and has a good showerhead pattern for even extraction.

most everything after that's gravy. . .

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