Monday, November 06, 2006

the vibiemme: pump mystery explained

so i was talking to my macbook pro the other day -- i'm totally rocking out on this concept of voice computing -- and i blogged about this pump mystery i had found with the vibiemme domobar super electronic, a.k.a. caesar.

anyway, the ever-awesome jim p. of 1st-line has explained the enigma:

"on this class of machine with 2 gauges, this is what people notice. whenever the heating element kicks in, some power is lost to the pump which in turn is lost in the pump pressure.

this happens to alot of machines in this class. the things that affect the variance (are the fineness of grind and the voltage of the outlet."

cool. ok, that makes sense. the question is, how do we work around it?

jim offers these ideas:

"program the desired boiler pressure 'maximum' to where you start your shot. like this, the heating element kicks in at the lowest point.

and you always start your shot when boiler pressure reaches maximum. this technique would maximize the amount of time for brewing before the pressure dropped.

the alternative is to grind fine enough so that your initial pump pressure is 1.0-1.5 over the desired brew pressure and you would start brewing at the lowest possible and desired boiler pressure setting so the heating element kicks in right away. here you would program the lowest boiler pressure setting as the minimum boiler pressure setting for the machine."

clearly at home you've gotta experiment a little and see which technique is going to work best for you.

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