Friday, November 10, 2006

with coffee and a laptop

leaving for asia on the spur of the moment isn't my normal habit, but luckily the hotel in manila offers yoga. what a relief!

manila appears to be the province of a thousand mermaids -- coffee culture is taking all asia by storm -- so i bit the bullet and did the only intelligent thing: i ground the remainder of jessica's beautiful batdorf el salvador c.o.e., the santa julia, and packed my bodum travel press.

i wonder if anyone's ever taken jessica's coffee to manila before? the santa julia's floral, toasty, and bright -- with a prominent dark chocolate and orange zest feeling.

in short, lovely, lovely stuff. and i must say travelling with the macbook pro 17" has so far been a delight -- on such short notice i just popped down to j&r to pick up the world travel adapters and i was ready to go.

i fortified myself with a nice shot on caesar -- the vibiemme domobar super electronic -- pulled from mark inman's taylormaid espresso 0. caesar is the perfect temperature for mark's coffee: suddenly the espresso 0 seemed to drink like a molten dark chocolate french-salt caramel bonbon.

whoa -- it's a good example of why temperature matters in espresso! where has this coffee been all my life?

that is seriously yummuy stuff! no mermaid's gonna be serving anything like that anywhere.

armed with coffee and a laptop, what else does a modern skirt need? asia, here i come. . .but i will miss my cosy bklyn home & dh too!

will post when i next can. . .!

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