Sunday, December 17, 2006

more jamaica coffee as promised

alex twyman's old tavern coffee makes good cappuccino in the berezza at strawberry hill
ah! found the pix at last among the gazillions my husband took. the restaurant at strawberry hill makes a decent breakfast cappuccino with alex twyman's old tavern.

note that the machine, a berezza, is basically the same object we in the u.s.a. call a pasquini. . .strawberry hill gets a delivery of fresh coffee, roasted by alex's wife, every week.
alex twyman's old tavern coffee in the bodum cafetiere at strawberry hill
while the coffee makes a surprisingly fine espresso-based drink, i think it's a waste. the coffee's pretty good in the cafetiére, which is a lot for me to say, since i generally believe jbm is over-rated.

please note that the brew is the above pic isn't blooming much. alas it appears that the restaurant ground it the night before, so it quickly began to stale in the high humidity.

please dear readers, always grind your coffee just before you are about to brew it! this fine coffee would have been fantastic if freshly ground.

but this year alex is offering some solid ultra-chocolate nectar. . .anyone wanna split a case fed-exed from jamaica with me?

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