Saturday, December 30, 2006

the vibiemme: latte art sample

leaf latte art from caesar vibiemme
so today i received a query from a reader about my new friend, caesar vibiemme. how does he steam? is it possible to make latte art with him?

so please see above my pitiful latte art sample poured this morning. it's your basic leaf, about as easy as latte art gets, and it's not even a decent one by pro barista standards.

a real pro would toss this one into the pure "monkey butt" category, i'm sure. a true leaf looks like this (hi kyle!).

so maybe i could fake it and say it's some species of heart, except hearts look like this.

but i'm not a latte artist, and i can't play one on the internet. all i can say is that yes, if you have the skillz, caesar texturizes milk nicely enough for good latte art. . .if you have the skillz.

which i don't; so this is what i slopped out at 9am. but hopefully even this pathetic effort shows that caesar can steam.

(why do i try to pour latte art before i've even had coffee? that's dumb. next time i should try to pour art only on the second morning cappuccino.)

it's also an excellent illustration on the importance of separation; gimme pro mike white and i were having a chat about this very subject the other day. (that subject being my miserable lack of separation.)

and another sad fact is the good latte art is still so uncommon in nyc outside a few shops that many new yorkers would still probably be happy to receive even this lopsided mess.

in case you're wondering, the coffee is jessica's delicious batdorf dancing goats. and the cup, which i think is 6 oz., of course is doug's from intelligentsia.

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