Saturday, January 13, 2007

jessica's batdorf dancing goats decaf

so i ran off this afternoon to try out a new yoga studio i'd heard about on bond st., but i couldn't find it! having gone all that way, tho', i hurriedly ran down to yoga to the people just to catch a class, you know.

this afternoon a younger teacher named ellen(?) was teaching and she was, well, trying. one thing i'd like to tell all newer teachers is to stand still.

don't be afraid to stand still. i often see newer teachers nervously roaming around the room for no particular reason -- not giving adjustments or anything, just on the move, like caribou.

the problem with this is that these migrating nomads are wandering aimlessly thru my driste in balance poses and unless i close my eyes, i often can't help but follow their movement with my eyes.

there goes my driste, my concentration, and often my balance! in a crowded class, that means i'm falling into someone, or someone who's likewise had their driste broken is falling into me.

it's just very hard -- i think it may even be a natural reflex -- that when a brightly colored something moves at the edge of your peripheral vision it grabs your attention. i mean, it might be a tiger sneaking up on you. . .

this whole thing about the driste hooks up with this strange article in the times today. where we look is important to us somehow, in ways maybe we don't always understand.

if you're all into the yoga philosophy of the subtle body, etc. then the dristes also gain another meaning. but dear readers you all know me; when people start talking about my nadis or my aura, i tune out and reach for a bar of dark chocolate. . .

anyway, returning home on a gray and misty day set me hankering for a nice double espresso. thus i flew home and pulled some test shots of jessica's new dancing goats decaf on caesar vibiemme.

first, lemme say that the decaf's roasted darker than the regular goat. this doesn't suprise me, since decaf green always roasts up differently.

it's rather oily, i'd say espresso+, pushing to french. if i were to talk about it in terms of the scaa flavor wheel -- and long-time readers know i will! -- i'd say it's pungent, balsalmic, with a strong toasted barley thing goin' on.

it's good at 3 days old, but it's not like the regular goat at all, to my mind. but then, as a swp decaf, i really couldn't expect it to be. maybe jessica will one day make a european decaf version -- that would be intriguing.

and lemme also say that i think i like it with a shorter brew time. try it a couple seconds or so shorter than you'd go with a regular espresso.

finally, i've always found that decaf espressi don't offer long-lasting crema. it's one of the things the decaf process does to the bean, i think.

in this regard, the decaf goat's no exception, so you really can't fault it. . .it's just great to have a nice decaf espresso around so i can pull shot whenever i want one without having to watch the clock, you know?

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