Monday, January 22, 2007

no news to us, but always fun to read

"any negative health myths about coffee drinking may now be transformed into validated health benefits, says roger a. clemens, a functional food expert with the institute of food technologists and nutritional biochemist. scientific evidence now suggests that moderate coffee consumption -- 3 to 5 cups a day -- may be associated with reduced risks of certain disease conditions. another area of coffee's positive affect on the body is its possible cancer-protective properties, possibly due to its naturally occurring and brewing-produced antioxidants, according to clemens."

little articles like this are always pleasant, and such a nice antidote to the vast amount of coffee misinformation that still circulates. when i first began this blog 6-some years ago, i used to be inundated with mail from people who thought coffee was a poison and seemed to enjoy telling me so in rather ugly terms.

but now i believe attitudes are a-changin'. all good.

i bounced up this morning and brewed up some more of jessica's batdorf finca siberia in the chemex. i wish i could communicate more fully just how delicious those beans smell even before they're ground.

they're more lightly roasted than many of her other coffees, which is responsible for keeping that sweet crispness going in the cup. of course we noo yawkahs tend to prefer somewhat lighter roasts anyway -- that's our regional coffee culture -- but i definitely understand why roastmaster scott merle at batdorf chose this color for this bean.

and of course after i finished brewing, i turned on the weather to see that it's going to snow today! this coffee just equals snow.


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