Thursday, January 25, 2007

now this is an appropriate yoga goal

"hazel's teaching yoga at 89. . .now, more than 40 years after dedicating her life to the ancient art, hazel is sharing the benefits of yoga with pensioners from around the black country, helping them to ease away their aches and pains and rediscover their mobility. . . [she] believes yoga can benefit everyone and says it is never too late to start. 'it was my life saver and i believe it can change everyone's lives too.'"

you go, hazel. i'd be thrilled to be doing yoga at age 89, not to mention teaching it at my local senior center!

and a big thanks to jessica for my household staple, the batdorf dancing goats! i had just a little bit of the decaf version left -- much to my surprise, my caffeine-sensitive husband still prefers the regular.

but i'm enjoying hte last of the decaf. . . it'll be great to have tonite after my own yoga class.

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