Friday, January 12, 2007

ot: another unscripted mac moment

i know we here at bccy are in danger of becoming total mac bigots, but i have to report what happened to me with keynote. which is precisely, nothing.

and nothing is fantastic!

what i mean: i rarely do powerpoint dog-n-pony thangz (as a genius colleague said to me recently "they sap your creativity and put your value proposition in a vise") but recently i've been working on a bullet-point-and-dissolve magnum opus.

ok, so i bring this baby home -- not that it has very many fancy features, no 3-d charts, no music, i'm being serious here -- and pop it on the macbookpro 17", which as long-time readers know is a microsoft-free zone.

(actually my whole house has become a microsoft-free zone, but that's simply because my husband's allergic to the stuff and never remembers his epi-pen.)

i do however have an artsy template with all kinds of positioned elements. i recklessly opened a copy of this presentation in keynote and expected. . . i dunno.

what i got was a perfect translation that actually looked much nicer on the mac than it did on my work windows desktop. wow.

i took off all the transitions etc because i decided they were hopelessly uncool. when i give the final presentation for real to the chief cheeses i am pondering walking in with the mac & remote -- but they might freak out! i dunno.

all i wanted to say: keynote good. very good.

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