Sunday, February 18, 2007

winter yoga feet

i know this seems like a strange post, but the yoginis understand. . .we have to be honest, that a 5- or 6-time a week yoga practice can be a tad hard on the pedicure.

to be blunt, yoga can really build calluses on your feet like you wouldn't believe, and sometimes in the strangest places. (i was surprised to see what vashistasana had done to the sides of my poor tootsies.)

combine this with a hard winter, and truly horrible things can happen. even weekly visits to the local salon where the nice ladies wield scary razors can struggle to keep things under control.

trying to stay with it at home can be hard, as most home scrubbers, files, etc. often don't prove up to the task. thus i was really pleased to run into a product recently with the hilarious name callus away.

soak your feet, rub this gel on those hard-to-reach unconventional yogic foot areas, cover with a paper towel and then plastic wrap(!), relax with a nice shot of batdorf's decaf dancing goats for 5 mins. wa-llah!

you can then simply buff your calluses away. and it doesn't smell funny or anything, altho' you should be careful to keep it on the areas you want to treat.

again, i realize this sounds like a strange and somewhat weird problem, but it's just not pleasant to suffer winter yoga feet.

really, it works nearly as well as walking along the cobble at the beach (the ultimate pedicure)! after trying this stuff today i was pleased to be able to walk around and actually feel the texture of the ground.

this is so important because to do poses well in yoga requires developing sensitive feet.

you really do after time learn to feel your poses through your feet and up into your core. so bad calluses not only terrify the people behind you in class, they impede a subtle area of your practice.

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