Friday, February 23, 2007

the zoka montenegro de santa ana c.o.e., redux

basically, the zoka montenegro de santa ana c.o.e. from the other day makes a better americano than a straight espresso. it's a little too bright for a pleasant ristretto, i think.

i didn't get a chance to try it as a cappuccino this morning, alas. but i will! there the brightness may help it cut a signature through the textured milk.

i must say that as i watched it flow sweetly outta caesar vibiemme i was surprised by how much crema appeared. more than i would have expected for a single-origin espresso shot.

i always pull my americanos into 4oz. water, so that the crema lasts longer and sits more nicely on top. very pretty crema from the montenegro.

highly recommended! i drank it black with just a touch of brown sugar to enhance its caramelly feeling.

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