Sunday, March 18, 2007

a book i want to read

"it is a yoga book but there are no pictures of lithe-bodied practitioners in 'impossible' asanas or poses. . .

at that time, david was working as a consultant. . .although he was working hard, he was also exercising. a committed gym rat, he simply could not understand [why illness] was happening to him.

when his wife suggested that he take up yoga, david dismissed it immediately. chapter one in his book is titled: 'i knew yoga was for women only.'"

i wonder if this book will soon be available on amazon.

even tho' the author, david byck, is a devoted ashtangi, i think i'd really like to read this personal journey from type-a business guy to yogi. the lack of pose-attainment emphasis, so prominent among many ashtangi ("i'm on the 3rd series; how about you?") makes it extra appealing!

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