Sunday, March 25, 2007

buying flour

long-time readers know i'm very particular about the flour i use in my pizza -- i insist on buying king arthur's all-purpose. this can be mail-ordered (ouch! on the shipping), bought at whole-ladda-hype (ouch! on the shelf prices), or found at my local gristedes (ouch! on the slow turn-over and dusty, aging product).

in short there's not really a good alternative in nyc. but as i was going down to supermodel central for the hair thing yesterday, i decided to brave the lines at da hype and pick up 20lbs.

so i'm standing in the "express" 5-items-or-less lane -- hah! my hair, including the special japanese yuzu-n-flowers treatment, takes less time than the hype's supposed express line -- wondering just why it's so hard to buy flour.

alas, it's not sold at fairway. if it were, i could just load up on flour, olive oil, and canned san marzano tomatoes from campania for a giant delivery. . .

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