Saturday, March 10, 2007


all nyc was wet today as the great melt began. in case you had wondered where all the polar ice had gone, well, it could be found at nyc's astor place, which had become a vast, perilous glacier.

i mean, the canadians should have relocated the polar bears there. they would have blended right in with the denizens of the east village (fur's back in a big way), there's plenty of trash to eat, and they would have benefited from attending cooper union.

but today you could approach the alamo with safety, and all downtown was out-n-about in its goth-y finery. it being about 2pm, that meant they had just arisen for breakfast.

i was of course on my way to yoga and enjoying the sunshine. after class i couldn't wait to head home for an americano with jessica's dancing goats.

which i drank down while wiping my shuffle and putting on an all-jazz autofill. random is the new espresso.

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