Thursday, March 15, 2007

mesa de los santos in the house

long-time readers know coffee farmer and scaa pro member oswaldo acevedo is a long-time bccy pal. oswaldo is so well-known in the specialty coffee world everyone just refers to him as, well, oswaldo.

i'm a big big fan of his famous colombian bean, the mesa de los santos. i've talked about it here before.

and today i'm really happy to have fresh mesa de los santos from peter g. at counterculture. roast-dated the 13th, the delicious scent pours out from the one-way valve.

(note to self: must stop squeezing bag.)

as always, oswaldo's coffee is certified organic and shade-grown. oswaldo's coffee luxuriates below the wide leaves of bananas and other generous trees.

he has also started a special bird-encouragement program (and here) to help protect migratory song birds. this has special meaning to me in bklyn, because many of the most beautiful birds in prospect park overwinter in south and central america.

so by supporting oswaldo's coffee, i directly support the birds in my favorite park. they will come back to me this spring because oswaldo and others like him have given them a safe home during the cold months of the year.

and of course, oswaldo's coffee is famously delicious. thank you, peter!

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