Thursday, March 29, 2007

nearly nude yoga

yesterday i stopped by yttp for da usual class only to be, um, surprised by a, um, gentleman, next to me -- and in yttp, next is basically in your pocket, it's so crowded -- who was practicing in nothing but his tighty-whities.

oh, yeah, his calvins. nothing was left to the imagination once he started moving, i'm afraid.

yttp gets really hot and everyone gets rather damp, sweaty. . .thin items of clothing can become a tad, well, transparent. . .

one of the nicer things about yttp in the age of this fad yoga is that there really isn't the fashion show thing going on. it's rather anti-designer yoga clothes there, which i appreciate.

(tho' since we're talking fashion, a shout-out to long-time bccy pal and viniyoga teacher zack kurland, one of the home page models for lululemon right now!)

i'm very happy this gentleman decided to try yoga; i encourage guys to try yoga!

but may i suggest you consider wearing at minimum a pair of shorts? these from said lulu above have built-in support, crucial, i'm told for vigorous vinyasas and inversions. . .

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