Thursday, March 22, 2007

tea drinkers no more

"sales of coffee machines in the uk more than doubled last year as consumers look to bring a piece of coffee house culture to their homes, new research shows.

"british consumers bought 1.2m coffee machines last year, helping to double the market's value since 2001 to £50m, figures from market research group mintel show."

the british have switched from tea to coffee, and from instant coffee to brewed, either with drip or pod machines. they are drinking their java out at coffeeshops, but also appear to have finally overcome their long-time fear of making coffee at home.

for quite a while many coffee consumption watchers thought the majority of british people would stick to instant (a.k.a. soluble) for quite some time, since it was more like tea-making. the british were said to be confused and fearful about brewing.

there's another coffee myth shattered. . .!

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