Wednesday, April 18, 2007

attack of the chocoistes

so today my husband was wandering thru mall-hattan when he was set upon by roaring motorcycles and leggy models assaulting him with chocolate. yes, he had accidentally stumbled upon the godiva chocoiste promotion.

they gifted him with domes. he liked the milk chocolate dome -- "very creamy," he remarked -- but is not fond of hazelnut, so the nutty filling left him cold.

i tried the dark chocolate with extra dark truffle filling. what can i say?

i don't like godiva. even tho' as everyone knows i once worked at godiva in the 80s.

the chocolate shell was a little waxy and there wasn't enough filling to the shell, proportionately. if you see what i mean.

so the chocoiste left me a tad cold; besides the name reminds me too much of the chanel perfume with the great commercials. but what i did enjoy was a morning cappuccino with andrew's araponga from yesterday!

actually it might be amusing to disolve a chocoiste into andrew's coffee tomorrow. . .oops i think my husband already ate them all. hmm, i guess he liked 'em ok.

let me note that the straight shot had the most amazing buttery body! i felt like i could spread it on toast. . .

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