Monday, April 23, 2007

bread and coffee

a very nice list on the extremely important subject of baguette. one thing jacques chirac got right was his emphasis on the civilizing qualities of real bread.

best baguette/boule to make at home: st. hamelman's of course!

and speaking of civilization, i have to mention oren's delicious new colombia south huila, which i brewed in the cafetiƩre today.

i am particularly enamored of its floral-spicy fragrance and molasses aftertaste. oren told me: "it's better than a 'colombian.' "

check out the scaa flavor wheel for those flavor points, kiddies! and boy howdy would i agree with oren.

however in all honesty, the best colombian ever remains the los lirios. . .but oren's coffee makes a sparkly morning cup! yummy.

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