Wednesday, April 11, 2007

surprisingly addictive

a lot of people are sweetly sending me the ny time's article on brownies. thanks!

but lemme tell ya long-time readers will recall that i been-there, done-that with nick malgieri's recipe. 5 years ago.

but that's the ny times -- always the last to know. it's almost cute, it's so pathetic.

after many brownie recipes and some tips from a couple of pastry chefs, i now make all my brownies with cocoa, not chocolate (see right-hand nav bar for my husband's current fave recipe). i do look forward to shirley corriher's forthcoming bakewise, as devoted readers know i worship her cookwise. . .

but what's addictive today on the chocolate front? to my great surprise, planter's double-dipped dark chocolate almonds.

those aren't half bad, altho' the coating's a little too soft and maybe a tad grainy. i bought 'em as a gift for my husband to take to work and cheer himself up with during crunch time, only to have him end up poppin' the can open tonite and doing serious major damage!

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