Monday, May 07, 2007

the entire patenting yoga thing

of course the yogasphere and my inbox both are abuzz with the ny times article decrying yoga sequence patenting. of course it is obvious that many of the patents given to yoga poses and sequences are errors due the ignorance of the patent office bureaucrats who don't seem to understand the concept of prior art.

of course i had some wonderful correspondence with long-time bccy pal eddie stern. he wrote to me sardonically: "i suppose we can always do the un-patented ones still. . ."

which caused me to respond that in turn he should copyright all "works" of yoga that occur at his space. he replied that alas "yoga works" and possibly by extension "works of yoga" are also already claimed.

therefore on eddie's behalf, i immediately call dibs for him on all rights real and intangible, present, past, and future, whether on or in body positions, paper, film, fabric, images, depictions, sound, in all media, whether physical or digital, by electronic, electric, radio, infrared, or chemical signal (gotta cover thought-waves here too, folks, it's america!) to "yoga expressions" and by extension "expressions of yoga."

this means by "performing" or doing any "yoga" in any space, synchronizing any physical body positions to any music or rhythmic pattern (including the sound of breathing), "thinking" about "yoga" at any time, or by depicting any "yoga" in any form or format, you are caught in the act of "expressing" yoga, and must pay eddie royalties in lavazza or face some really ugly karma later.

in return for reserving all said rights, eddie promised me to never appear publicly in a speedo.

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