Friday, May 11, 2007

flame away

"hundreds of millions of paper cups are tossed into trash bins across ontario every year, and they all wind up in landfills. that's why the city's works committee wants to put a stop to the endless waste and is proposing a 25 to 30 cent tax on every cup of coffee that comes in either a cardboard, styrofoam or wax-lined cup."

yeah yeah, i'm gonna get yelled at for this, but i'd actually support such a tax if introduced in nyc. landfill space is precious, and it doesn't cost as much as it should – it's one of these uncounted externalities, you know?

long-time readers know i'm a firm believer in the china cup for coffee anyway. wax and styrofoam both mess with the flavor nuances of fine coffees.

and anyone who knows me can attest that on those rare occasions when i have coffee out, i always ask for a real cup. and so should we all. . .for the coffee as much as the environment.

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