Sunday, May 06, 2007

onion or no?

thanks for all your nice email on my little research piece yesterday on yoga in nyc. on a whim, i extended this out to see what the earliest mention i could of yoga in the google news archives, which go back to the 18th century.

a quick search took me to what google says is jun. 18, 1839, but when you click on the link you actually go a sports page in the oakland tribune for 1939. so i think that's a mistake.

a lot of these early searches turn up what are clearly scanning errors in the text – the articles aren't actually about yoga at all. the mass scans i think so many newspapers did of their archives just weren't very accurate when it came to dealing with those antique typefaces.

checking the google archives timeline for the keyword yoga before the 20th century really marks that hilarious "a western yoga" serial with the humorless miss godkin as a landmark as to when yoga hits the zeitgeist in the u.s.a.

in important pizza news, i am contemplating whether or not to add onion to my sauce recipe. as far as i can tell, it's not normally done in naples.

but i'm still researching to see what the general regional practice might be. anyway, i won't be changing my red pizza sauce recipe this week for sure!

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