Saturday, June 30, 2007

another howler from the nytimes

"without the bitterness produced by hot water, the cold-brewed coffee had hints of chocolate, even caramel."

i swear to khaldi's goats, where does the greatest newspaper in the world find these people? hot water doesn't cause bitterness in coffee: overly dark roasting and/or poor brewing practices cause bitterness in coffee.

amazing that you would find caramel and chocolate flavors in coffee! wow – 2 of the many categories on the scaa flavor wheel!

woo-hoo, maybe the times will next discover that wine comes in red, white and pink too.

yes, the times is amazed to discover – as i have long said – that you can easily make perfect delicious coffee with any glass jug or jar and a clean muslin sock.

if you know how to brew. can't wait til they hear that saturn has rings.

"my friend carter, something of a cold-brewing savant, turned me onto another homegrown trick: freeze some of the concentrate into cubes. matched with regular ice cubes, they melt into the same ratio as the final blend."

long-time readers will join me laughing on the floor at this one. what a discovery: coffee ice cubes.

i guess i published it here oh – how many years ago? but that's the arrogance of the times for you; if it's new to them, why no one else could have possibly heard of it.

oh no. but the problem with cold-brewed coffee is that it's boring.

it's flat. it has no brightness.

and it is brightness that gives coffee its refreshing zest. . . brightness is a positive attribute in coffee – when the coffee is properly brewed in the first place!

which was the start of the entire problem. sheesh.

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